Communication and relationships with clients are our top priority. We provide direct access to collaborate with our claims team to resolve potential claims issues, expedite funding where necessary, and coordinate cost containment measures.


The significant experience of our claims team, financial stability from A and A+ rated carriers, and authority to adjudicate results in fast and accurate claim reimbursements. To further expedite the process, ERP routinely remits payments via ACH.


Our in-house claims department is focused on early intervention to reduce claims cost. We partner with several leading-edge cost containment consultants to provide our clients access to negotiated pricing for high-cost medical services. 

Product Provisions

We help mitigate costs on vital medical procedures through our vendor network, including:

• Transplants
• Cell and gene therapies
• Other complex therapies
• Facility claims negotiations
• Dialysis
• Specialty pharmacy
• Cancer resource services
• Congenital heart disease
• Neo-natal intensive care unit (NICU)
• Air Ambulance
• Substance abuse
• General cost containment and re-pricing


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