The foundation of our underwriting practice is built upon a thorough assessment of risk, appropriate pricing and open dialogue with our distribution partners. ERP’s underwriting team is knowledgeable, responsive and takes great pride in providing customized solutions that meet and exceed the changing needs of self-funded employers.

We are also pleased to provide our partners with direct access to the underwriter working on their accounts. A proponent of facilitating conversation between brokers, employers and our underwriting team, we find transparent communication to be an essential element for developing and growing long-standing relationships.

Our underwriting offers extend beyond traditional quote issuance with comprehensive, timely and personalized proposals and we offer a variety of product provisions and additional contractual features to choose from.

Product Provisions

Product Provisions

• 75 to 10,000 employee lives for proposal issuance
• $40,000 Specific deductibles and higher
• Run-in and Run-out contracts
• Aggregating Specific Deductibles
• Reference-based pricing (RBP) options
• Short and Long Duration contracts
• 120% and 125% Aggregate Corridors
• Full Waiver of the Actively-at-Work Provision
• Unlimited Lifetime Maximum

Flexible Contract Options

Flexible Contract Options

• No "Lasering" at Renewal
• Renewal rate caps
• Plan mirroring
• Gapless renewals
• Discounts for implementation of Cost Containment Programs
• Advanced Funding
• Terminal Liability (TLO) for Specific and Aggregate
• Monthly Aggregate Accommodation
• Aggregate Maximums up to $2 million


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